Drilling 钻井

  1. Carry out drilling operation in accordance with the drilling program. 按钻井程序进行钻井作业.
  2. Prepared bell nipple. 准备”喇叭口”短节.
  3. Make up 2 joints of drill pipe. 接两根钻杆.
  4. Break out this connection. 卸开该接头.
  5. Run hole opener to sea bed. 下扩眼器到海底
  6. Mix gel fluid for drilling conductor hole. 为钻导管井眼配制高粘度泥浆.
  7. Make up bottom hole assembly. 组合下部钻具
  8. Check and reset crown-saver on every tour. 每个班都要检查并重新调整天车防碰装置.
  9. Number stands on trip out and trip in. 起下钻时给立柱编号.
  10. Pick up BHA and run to seafloor. 将下部钻具下到海底.
  11. Pick up stands. 接立柱
  12. Don’t drill faster than 15 minutes for 1 stand. 钻进速度别超过15分钟1根立柱
  13. Drop TOTCO. 投(陶特)测斜仪
  14. Fish TOTCO with overshot. 用打捞筒捞起测斜仪
  15. Resume drilling to T.D. 继续钻进到总深
  16. Circulate 15 minutes.循环15分钟
  17. Run in hole. 下钻
  18. Put out of hole. 起钻
  19. Make an inventory of all ring gaskets. 开一个所有垫圈的清单
  20. Use spinning tong. 使用气动扳手
  21. Operate the air winch. 操作气动绞车
  22. Lay down 57 joints of 5” drill pipe. 甩57根钻杆
  23. Pick up drill stem test tool. 提起钻杆测试工具
  24. Circulate mud for 2 hours. 循环泥浆2小时
  25. Move string during circulation. 在循环时注意活动钻具
  26. Circulate hole clean. 循环清洗井眼
  27. Circulate bottoms up. 循环泥浆几周
  28. Fill up every 5 stands. 每5柱灌泥浆一次
  29. Check mud weight every 15 minutes. 每15分钟检查泥浆比重
  30. Reverse out excess cement. 反循环替出多余的泥浆
  31. Change/replace old mud by new mud. 用新的泥浆替换出旧的泥浆
  32. Stop drilling. 停止钻进
  33. Drilling ahead. 钻进
  34. Pull out of hole bit. 起出钻头
  35. Change bit. 换钻头
  36. Run the wear bushing. 下抗磨补心
  37. The bit thread type is regular pin. 钻头丝扣是正规公扣
  38. What’s the make-up torque? 上扣扭矩要多大?
  39. Run in 9” collars. 下9”钻铤
  40. The cathead can’t give enough torque. 猫头力量不够
  41. Connect crossover sub. 接上配合接头
  42. The tong angle is too small. 大钳的角度太小了
  43. Stop circulating. 停止循环泥浆
  44. Break out the stand. 卸立柱
  45. Set the single into the mousehole. 把这个单根放进鼠洞
  46. Can we break out the pipe with rotary table? 可用转盘卸扣吗?
  47. No! Break it out with tong. 不行! 要用大钳卸扣
  48. Spin it out with the air spanner. 用气动扳手卸扣
  49. Put the pipe wiper on the string. 装上钻杆刮泥器
  50. Don’t set this stand back. 这根钻杆不要放在钻杆盒上
  51. Make up the lift sub. 接好提升短节
  52. Secure the safety clamp. 上紧安全卡瓦
  53. The bit is nearing the shoe. 钻头快到套管鞋了
  54. Slow down the running speed. 放慢下放速度
  55. This is the undergauged interval. 这是缩径井段
  56. This is the drilling program. 这是钻井设计书
  57. How much weight on bit is required? 要加多少钻压?
  58. Keep the rotary speed at 120—140 RPM. 转速保持120—140转/分
  59. Keep the flow rate at 3000 LPM. 保持排量3000升/分
  60. The pump pressure is too high. 泵压太高了
  61. Don’t ream the hole too fast. 划眼不要太快
  62. Notice the rotary torque. 注意转盘扭矩的变化
  63. The penetration rate is getting slower. 钻速变慢了
  64. The bit is nearly worn out. 钻头快磨光了
  65. Stop drilling at 2000 meters. 钻至2000米停钻
  66. Circulate for one hour. 循环一个小时
  67. The pump pressure has increased. 泵压升高了
  68. One nozzle may be plugged. 可能有一个水眼(或: 喷嘴)堵了
  69. What is the hook load? 悬重多少?
  70. What’s the pick-up weight? 上提重量是多少?
  71. What’s the lowering weight? 下放重量是多少?
  72. Run in HWDP. 下加重钻杆
  73. A stabilizer is needed here. 这里需要一个扶正器
  74. This is a flexible sub. 这是挠性接头
  75. This is the BHA log. 这是下部钻具组合记录
  76. Record all outside and inside diameters. 记录好所有(入井工具的)内外径
  77. We need a short drill collar. 需要一根短钻铤
  78. Pull the cat line. 拉猫头
  79. Operate the break lever. 操作(或:扶)刹把
  80. Stop the pumps. 停泵
  81. Make a wiper trip. 通井
  82. Retrieve wear bushing. 取出抗磨补心
  83. Bleed off pressure. (释)放压(力)
  84. Keep 5 wraps on the drum. 滚筒上留5圈
  85. Set slips. 座上卡瓦
  86. If tight hole, repeat wiper trip. 如果井眼紧, 重复划眼
  87. Setback bottom hole assembly. 将下部钻具立于钻杆盒内
  88. Make sure all alarms are on. 确保所有的警报信号都开着
  89. Lay down TDS spinner. 拆下顶部驱动的旋扣器
  90. Run in hole bit #15 to bottom. 用15号钻头下钻到井底
  91. Run in hole to casing shoe. 下钻至套管鞋
  92. Pick up same bit and BHA. 装上同样的钻头和钻具组合
  93. Lay down 5” HW drill pipe. 甩5”加重钻杆
  94. Move string every 2 hours. 每2小时活动钻具一次
  95. Keep area around shaker clean. 保持振动筛区域干净
  96. Control trip gas. 控制起下钻气
  97. Ream if needed. 如必要时进行划眼
  98. Select the best penetration rate. 选择最佳钻进速度
  99. Fix the traveling assembly. 固定游动系统
  100. Check power tongs and spinning rope are on drill floor. 检查动力钳和尾绳是否在钻台
  101. What’s the weight on bit? 钻压是多少?
  102. What is the BHA of this well? 这口井的下部钻具如何组合?
  103. Drill out cement. 钻穿水泥
  104. Drill out 20” casing shoe. 钻穿20”套管鞋
  105. Latch the elevator. 扣吊卡
  106. Unlatch the elevator. 开吊卡
  107. Set the slips. 放卡瓦
  108. Adjust the crown-o-matic (crown saver). 调整防碰天车
  109. Lock the hook pin. 锁紧大钩销子
  110. Check OD of stabilizer. 检查扶正器的外径
  111. Perform leak off test. 进行地层破裂(或:渗漏)测试
  112. Connect kill and choke line. 接上压井和放喷管线
  113. Reverse out the drill pipe. 反循环清洗钻杆
  114. Make a short trip. 进行短途起下钻
  115. Change the cutters. 换割刀
  116. Slug the pipe. 灌重泥浆
  117. Drill the stand down. 钻完立柱
  118. Start/run the shale shaker. 开振动筛
  119. Start the desanders. 开除砂器
  120. Start the desilters. 开除泥器
  121. Change it with a 40 mesh screen. 换成40目筛布
  122. Shut it off. 关掉
  123. Pull it to the cat ramp. 把它拉到坡道上去
  124. Make a fast connection. 接单根要快
  125. Don’t dump the mud into the sea. 不要把泥浆排放到海里
  126. Disconnect it with a chain tong. 用链钳卸开
  127. Put a thread protector. 加一个(丝扣)护箍
  128. Can we use the power slips? 可以使用动力卡瓦吗?


Casing and Cementing 下套管与固井

  1. Run in hole to bottom for wiper trip. 下钻通井
  2. This is the casing program. 这是套管程序
  3. Prepare for running casing. 准备下套管
  4. Make everything ready for running 7”casing. 做好下7”套管的准备
  5. Make cementing job. 固井
  6. Displace cementing with mud pump. 用泥浆泵替泥浆
  7. Set cement plug from 2940 to 2790m. 在2940到2790米井段打水泥塞
  8. Pick up cementing head. 接水泥头
  9. Cement samples are hard. 水泥样已凝固
  10. Pump in 3 cubic meters of spacer. 注3方隔离液
  11. Pump down the plug. 泵压(胶)塞
  12. Wait on cement. 候凝
  13. The guide shoe will be connected. 接引鞋
  14. Connect the floor collar. 接浮箍
  15. Connect the air line to the casing stabbing board. 接好套管 扶正台的气管线
  16. Run casing with the 350T slip elevator. 用350吨卡瓦式吊卡下套管
  17. Clean and dry 20” casing threads with rags. 清洁并擦干20”套管丝扣
  18. Where is the rabbit for drifting the casing? 套管通径规在哪里?


Rig Move, Anchoring and Positioning 拖航, 抛锚, 定位

  1. What is our position now? 我们现在船位在哪里?
  2. What’s the moving speed now? (What’s the towering speed?) 拖航速度是多少?
  3. The speed is about 4 knots. 船速是4节左右
  4. Which one is the main tug? 主拖是哪条船?
  5. The main tug is Nanhai 205. 主拖是南海205
  6. Which one is the chase boat? 护航船是哪一条?
  7. How much is the horse power? 有多大马力?
  8. She has 6000 HP. 有6000马力
  9. Move the rig off location 50 feet. 将平台移开50英尺
  10. We are ready to drop the anchor. 我们已经做好抛锚的准备了
  11. Secure all the movable equipment. 固定好各种活动的设备
  12. Preload. (自升式)压载
  13. Ballast. (半潜式)压载
  14. Put the preload water into the tank. 向压载舱灌压压载水
  15. We need 5500 tons of preload water. 需要5500吨压载水
  16. Shall we preload right now? 马上开始压载吗?
  17. Drain the water off. 放水
  18. The rig is overloaded. 平台已超载
  19. Jack up (jack down) the rig. 升(降)船
  20. The draft is 3.5 meters. 船体吃水3.5米
  21. The jetting pressure is 100psi. 冲桩压力是100psi
  22. Penetrate the legs. 插桩
  23. How much penetration do we have? 入泥多深了?
  24. No.1 and No.2 legs indicate 10 meters. 1,2号桩腿插入10米
  25. Fix the upper and lower wedges. 固定上下楔块
  26. Pay out the anchor line. 放出锚缆绳
  27. Skid the derrick. 移开井架
  28. The rig is short of potable water now. 平台缺乏饮用水
  29. Drop No.2 and No.3 anchors. 抛2号和3号锚
  30. Why has the main engine stopped? 主机为什么停?
  31. Unleash the drilling tools. 卸开钻具
  32. Tighten up. 绷紧(或:上紧)一点
  33. Turn on the cooling water for the windlasses. 开锚机刹车冷却水
  34. Retrieve the No.1 to No.8 anchors. 起1到8号锚
  35. Check the paint marks at the anchor winches. 检查锚机上的油漆记号
  36. Prepare for a location move. 准备好移井位
  37. Commence anchor handling. 开始起锚(或抛锚)
  38. Secure all equipment stored on deck. 固定好所有存放在甲板上的设备
  39. Carry out stability and load calculations. 做稳性和载荷计算
  40. Pass pendant line, shackle and buoy to anchor handling vessel. 将起抛锚短索, 卸扣和浮标吊起给起锚船
  41. Lower the windward anchor to seafloor. 抛上风锚到海底
  42. Pick up the leeward anchor first. 先起下风锚
  43. Take anchor chaser (or chaser) back to rig. 将捞/抛锚环送回平台
  44. Hook up towing lines to tug boat. 将拖缆连接到拖轮
  45. Sound fog signal for two seconds every twenty seconds. 发大雾信号, 每20秒钟响两秒


Fishing 打捞

  1. The bit cutters have been lost in the hole. 牙轮落井
  2. Run in the reverse-circulation basket. 下反循环打捞篮
  3. There is a lot of junk in the hole. 井下有很多落物
  4. The fish is 235.46 meters long. 落鱼长度235.46米
  5. The fish top is at 2478.34 meters. 鱼顶位置2478.34米


Coring 取芯

  1. Stop drilling for coring. 停钻准备取芯
  2. Make up core bit. 接取芯钻头
  3. What type of core bit is it? 这是什么 型号的取芯钻头?
  4. Run in a diamond core bit. 下金刚石取芯钻头
  5. Let’s drop the ball for coring. 可以投球取芯
  6. The core has been broken off. 岩芯断了
  7. Put the core in the boxes. 把岩芯装在岩芯盒里
  8. Don’t brake suddenly. 不要猛刹车
  9. Take out the core. 岩芯出筒
  10. How long is the core? 岩芯多长
  11. The core recovery is 98%. 岩芯收获率是98%
  12. Run in the core barrel again. 继续下岩芯筒(或: 取芯筒)
  13. Run in hole core barrel. 下取芯筒
  14. Drop ball. 投钢球
  15. Recover core. 取出岩芯
  16. Use same parameters as for core #1. 使用与1#取芯同样的参数

Freeing Stuck Pipe 卡钻与解卡

  1. The down-hole problems are very complicated. 井下情况很复杂
  2. The hole is tight. 遇阻了
  3. Overpull while tripping out. 起钻遇卡(overpull: 超拉力)
  4. The formation is unstable. 地层不稳定
  5. The wall caving is severe. 井壁垮塌严重
  6. There are many return cuttings. 返出岩屑特别多
  7. The mud returns have decreased. 返出泥浆减少
  8. The hole is enlarged. 井眼扩大了
  9. The pipe’s stuck. 卡钻了
  10. Pull up to 150 tons. 上提150吨
  11. Slack off to 50 tons. 下放至50吨
  12. Ream down all the tight points. 在所有遇阻点进行划眼
  13. The rotary table can’t rotate. 转盘转不动
  14. Where is the sticking point? 卡点在哪里
  15. Make a tensile test. 做拉伸试验
  16. Back it off above the free point. 在卡点以上倒扣
  17. Where is the back-off position? 脱扣位置在哪
  18. Plug the well for side tracking. 打水泥塞侧钻

Abnormal Well Condition and Well Control



  1. The mud is gas out. 泥浆有气侵
  2. The pit has lowered quickly. 泥浆池液面下降很快
  3. The hole lost returns. 井口不返泥浆
  4. The returns are unstable. 返出泥浆量忽大忽小
  5. Where’s the thief zone? 漏失层在哪里
  6. Cut down the flow rate. 降低排量
  7. Lower the mud density. 降低比重
  8. Cut down the hydrostatic pressure. 减少静压
  9. The gas smell is strong. 天然气味度很浓
  10. There’s some trace of oil. 发现有油花
  11. The pump pressure is fluctuating. 泵压不稳
  12. It is a zone of abnormal pressure. 这是异常压力层
  13. The hole (well) is kicking! 井涌啦!
  14. Shut in the BOP! 关闭防喷器
  15. Sound the general alarm quickly! 快发出综合警报
  16. The stand pipe pressure is 10 kg/cm2. 立管压力10公斤/厘米2
  17. The casing pressure is 25 kg/cm2. 套压2510公斤/厘米2
  18. Fill out the kill sheet. 填写压井记录表
  19. Kill the well. 压井
  20. There’s a combination of lost returns and the kick. 又喷又漏, 情况复杂
  21. Reverse the gas out of the hole. 反循环排气
  22. What’s the lag time? 迟到时间是多少
  23. The well is now stable. 现在井眼已经稳定


BOP and subsea Equipment 防喷器与水下设备

  1. Cut off the 30” conductor. 割掉30”隔水管
  2. Weld on the 30” bottom flange. 焊接30”法兰
  3. Hoist and nipple up 30” diverter. 吊装30”转喷器
  4. Change the 5” pipe rams to 3-1/2” rams. 把这个5”闸板换成3-1/2”
  5. Install blind ram. 安装防喷器的盲板芯子
  6. Check the seal ring of the conductor. 检查隔水管密封圈
  7. Cut off the lifting eye of the conductor. 切割隔水管耳环
  8. Test BOP. 测试防喷器
  9. Change annular BOP packing. 更换万能防喷器芯子
  10. Full pressure test the ram preventers. 对闸板防喷器进行全压试压
  11. Test annular BOP at 2500psi. 万能防喷器试压至2500psi
  12. Check annular pressure. 检查环形空间压力
  13. Confirm the angle of the guide base. 确定基板角度
  14. The thread is covered with the quick-release protectors. 已戴好快卸护丝
  15. Establish the guide lines. 装导向绳
  16. Connect the TGB running tool. 接临时导向基板送入工具
  17. Land the TGB to sea. 下临时导向基板到海底
  18. Retrieve the running tool. 退出送入工具
  19. Run the BOP and risers. 下防喷器和隔水管
  20. Pick up the marine riser. 吊出隔水管
  21. Pick up the slip joint. 起伸缩节
  22. Adjust the riser tensioners. 调整隔水管张力
  23. Function test the diverter system. 对防喷器系统进行功能测试
  24. Retrieve the pin connector. 取出销钉连接器
  25. Move the BOP to the moonpool door. 将防喷器移到园井甲板的活动门上
  26. Run the test plug. 下试压塞
  27. Close the upper pipe ram. 关上部钻杆闸板防喷器
  28. Open the kill line valve. 开压井管线阀
  29. The compensation capacity is 400000 pounds. 补偿能力是400千磅
  30. The locking load is 1000000 pounds. 锁紧负荷1000千磅
  31. Support the riser. 接隔水管支撑环
  32. Remove the hose bundles. 卸下垮接软管
  33. Assure the self-controlled rotation. 保证自控转动
  34. Set the LMRP on the test pump. 将下部防喷器插入总成座放到试压桩上
  35. Connect the flex joint to the riser. 连接隔水管与挠性接头
  36. Land the BOP onto the well head. 座防喷器到井口头
  37. Run the subsea TV for monitoring. 下水下电视观察
  38. Remove all the riser running tools. 取出所有的隔水管送入工具
  39. BOP carrier. 防喷器叉车
  40. Lower the universal guide frame. 下放万能导向架
  41. Paint mark the top 6 meters of 30” conductor white. 在30”隔水管的顶部6米处用白漆涂上记号
  42. Check adequate length for guidelines. 检查导向绳的长度是否足够
  43. Move temporary guide base (TGB) into moonpool. 将临时导向基板到园井甲板
  44. Test pull to check connection. 试拉检查连接
  45. Grease TGB and running tool as required. 按要求给导向基板及下入工具上黄油
  46. Test fit TGB and running tool. 用下入工具试临时导向基板连接
  47. Check for junk inside shoe joint. 检查浮鞋内有无落物
  48. Pick up 30” conductor handling slings and shackles. 吊上下30”导管的索具和卸扣
  49. Is slope indicator properly mounted? 水平仪是否装好?
  50. Ensure subsea TV is in good condition. 确保水下电视处于良好的状态
  51. Place BOP stack on the test pump. 将防喷器组放在试压桩上
  52. Check condition of all 30” casing connectors. 检查所有30”套管接头的情况
  53. Replace O-rings as required. 按需要, 更换O性密封圈
  54. Attach slope indicator below camera position. 在摄像机下面装上水平仪
  55. Inspect and repair diverter. 检查并修理转喷器
  56. Prepare spud plate and wireline to check water depth. 准备测深板和钢丝绳测量水深
  57. Record all pressure tests on a chart recorder. 用试压表记录试压记录
  58. Visually inspect all sealing element. 目视检查所有密封件
  59. Check and tighten all bolts. 检查并上紧所有螺栓
  60. Bleed off surface accumulators. 地面管线排空气
  61. Check for leaks. 检查有无泄漏
  62. Lift BOP stack and replace wellhead connector AX ring. 吊起防喷器组并更换连接器AX密封圈
  63. Function test wellhead. 对井口头进行功能试验
  64. Fill kill and choke valves with seawater. 将压井阀和阻流阀注满海水
  65. Pressure test to 500psi then bleed off test pressure. 试压到500psi, 然后放掉压力
  66. Reduce hydraulic control manifold pressure to 5200 kpa. 将液压控制管线压力减少到5200千帕
  67. Switch to alternate control pod. 把闸门开关倒到控制面板
  68. Guidelines are slacked off. 导向绳松了
  69. Slack off drill pipe and release running tool. 放松钻杆并卸开下入工具
  70. Run subsea TV to observe bit entering the TGB. 下水电视观察钻头是否进入临时导向基板
  71. Don’t rotate until hole opener passes through the TGB. 在扩眼器通过临时导向基板前不要旋转
  72. Position permanent guide base (PGB) below rotary table. 在转盘下安放永久导向基板
  73. Monitor riser level via trip tank. 用计量罐来控制隔水管内的液面
  74. Pressure test to 5000psi. 试压5000psi
  75. Pick up test mandril and place in BOP. 吊起试压防喷器芯子并装入防喷器组
  76. Safety and Firefighting 安全与消防
  77. Get a Work Permit before you can start the hot work. 办理作业许可证才能进行动火作业
  78. Welding is not allowed. 不准动焊
  79. Put on your (safety) helmet. 戴上安全帽
  80. It’s a high voltage area. 这是高压区
  81. That’s against the rule. 这是违章作业
  82. Don’t walk under the crane load. 不要在吊物下走动
  83. The repairing is under way. 正在检修
  84. Keep your hands clear! (Keep you hands off! Do not touch!) 不要乱动
  85. Wear and secure your safety belt. 戴上并系好安全带
  86. Life jacket must be worn when working outboard or overhead. 舷外或高空作业要穿救生衣
  87. Have your breathing apparatus near you. 保持放毒面具在附近
  88. It’s a drill. 这是演习
  89. It was a BOP drill. 这是防喷演习
  90. Get in the lifeboat in order. 按顺序进入救生艇
  91. Put on life jacket! 穿好救生衣
  92. Abandon the vessel! 弃船
  93. Sound the abandonment alarm! 发出弃船警报
  94. Go to the helideck! 去飞机坪集合
  95. Aboard the lifeboat. 登上救生艇
  96. Aboard the supply boat to shore! 乘拖船上岸
  97. Check life saving apparatus periodically. 定期检查救生设备
  98. It’s for fire fighting. 这是消防用的
  99. Start the fire pump. 启动消防泵
  100. This rope is too small. 这根绳子太细了
  101. It should be function tested. 需做功能测试
  102. A warning notice should be set up. 要挂警告牌
  103. Do you have an emergency program (contingency plan)? 你们有没有应急计划?
  104. It must be ready in an emergency condition. 必须始终保持良好的应急状态
  105. Will the typhoon hit our rig? 台风要袭击我们的平台吗?
  106. We will have to evacuate the rig. 我们要撤离平台
  107. Personnel on board (POB). 在船人员总数
  108. Sound fire alarm. 发消防警报
  109. This is a fire drill. 这是消防演习
  110. conduct abandon ship drill. 举行弃船演习
  111. Release the boat hooks. 释放救生艇吊钩
  112. Board the life boat. 登救生艇
  113. Remove the rust and paint with anti-corrosive primer. 除锈后上防锈底漆
  114. Three rafts are located near life boat station port side. 在左舷救生艇站附近还存放有3个救生筏
  115. Wear work vests when working below the cellar deck. 在圆井甲板面下面工作时须穿工作救生衣
  116. The station bills need to be updated. 应急部署表须更新
  117. Check the expiry date for all foam extinguisher. 检查所有泡沫灭火器的过期时间
  118. Close all the water-tight doors. 关闭所有水密门
  119. Safety procedure shall be followed at all the times. 在任何时候都应遵守安全程序
  120. Anchor wires should have a Spelter type socket at anchor side. 抛锚绳靠锚的一端应使用锌压头
  121. Colour code all the connection at the loading station. 在供给站管线接头处用颜色表明各管线
  122. Verify that a high level alarm is installed on the sludge tank. 确认污水舱安装有高位警报
  123. Don’t switch on during drilling operation. 钻井作业期间不能合闸
  124. Provide two independent means to start the emergency generator engine. 应急发电机柴油机应有两套独立的起动方法
  125. Have the boom pennant wires of port crane re-certified. 重新认证左舷吊车扒杆变幅绳
  126. Clean the internals of the emergency switchboard. 清洁应急配电盘内部

Helicopter and Supply Vessel 直升机与供应船

  1. Load out Contractor’s riser at Zhanjiang anchorage. 在湛江锚地把承包商的隔水管装上平台
  2. Offload casing. (从供应船上)卸套管
  3. Load (offload or unload) the boat. 装(卸)船
  4. Get the food container loaded on the boat. 把食品集装箱装上船
  5. The helicopter will land on rig soon. 直升机很快就要在平台降落
  6. Tell the base to get (or send) a chopper here. 通知基地派飞机来
  7. Helicopters are not allowed to land here. 飞机不能降落
  8. Report the weather condition to the pilot. 向飞行员报天气
  9. Inform the boat come to standby. 通知拖轮过来待命
  10. Call the boat to come along port side. 通知拖轮过来靠左舷
  11. We will take the personnel basket. 我们乘坐吊篮


Repair and Maintenance 检修

  1. Have an overall check. 进行全面检查
  2. MPI the brake linkage system. 对刹车连接系统进行磁粉探伤
  3. Demonstrate that the make-up cathead can pull 7000 lbs. 证明上扣猫头能拉到7000磅
  4. Determine the origin of the air leak and rectify this. 找出漏气的地方并处理
  5. Adjust the brake band equalizer beam properly. 适当调整刹带平衡梁
  6. Note that the 3000 hour inspection on TDS is due. 注意顶驱的3000小时保养时间已到
  7. Check sheave rope pocket wear with a 1 3/8”+1 1/32 template. 用1 3/8”+1/32”量规检查绳槽磨损的情况
  8. Repair the handrails on the crown. 修理天车台的栏杆
  9. Function test the anti-freefall brake on monthly basis. 每月对天车防碰装置进行功能试验
  10. Get me a spanner, please. 请递给我一把扳手
  11. Renew brake rim because of excessive wear. 更换磨损严重的刹车鼓
  12. Clearly mark safe working load (SWL) on the air winch below the rig floor. 表明钻台底下气动绞车的安全工作负荷
  13. Measure the master bushings for wear. 测量主补心磨损情况
  14. Have BOP ram opened up for internal inspection. 打开防喷器闸板进行内部检查
  15. Install a ground cable on the triplex pump motor. 给三缸泵马达安装接地线
  16. We need a 48” pipe wrench. 我们需要一把48”的管钳
  17. Strike it with a sledge hammer. 用大锤打
  18. We want a triangle file. 需要一把三角锉刀
  19. Tighten up the screw. 紧一下螺丝
  20. Check it with a level. 用水平尺量一下
  21. Put some engine oil. 抹点黄油
  22. Have it greased. 给它上黄油
  23. Put out of hole test string. 取出测试管串
  24. Check all the equipment. 检查所有设备
  25. There’s something wrong with it. 有点毛病
  26. Rig inspection will be performed in August. 验船安排在8月份
  27. Maintain the hoisting system. 保养提升系统
  28. Adjust the brake band. 调整绞车刹带
  29. Change the oil in the rotary gear box (transmission). 更换转盘变速箱机油
  30. Replace one water pump. 倒换一台冷却泵
  31. It’s quick-discharge air valve. 这是快速放气阀
  32. This clutch needs repair. 这台离合器需修理
  33. This tong needs replacing. 这把钳要更换了
  34. Slip 6 meters of the drilling line. 滑移钻井大绳6米
  35. Cut off 45 meters of the drilling line. 切割大绳45米
  36. Check the pump liners and pistons. 检查(泥浆)泵缸套和活塞
  37. The piston has been washed. 活塞刺坏了
  38. The supercharge pump doesn’t take in water. 灌注泵不上水
  39. Regulate the relief valve. 调整安全阀
  40. This part number is wrong. 这个配件号不对
  41. The multi-pen recorder has some problem. 多笔记录仪坏了


Miscellaneous 其他

  1. No smoking here. 此处严禁吸烟
  2. Everything is OK. 一切准备就绪
  3. Speed up please. 请快点
  4. The geologist must be present. 地质人员必须到场
  5. We have to wait on weather. 必须等候天气
  6. There will be strong wind. 有强风
  7. Give me a hand, please. 请帮一下忙
  8. Do you understand? 明白吗?
  9. No way! 不行
  10. Man overboard! 有人落水
  11. Help! Help! 救命
  12. Someone is injured. Medic! 有人受伤了, 医生
  13. Call for the medic. 叫医生
  14. Get a stretcher please. 拿担架来
  15. No more than 4 persons. 不能超过4人
  16. Drinking liquor is not allowed. 不许喝酒
  17. Don’t overrun your equipment. 不要超负荷运转
  18. Be careful at work. 工作时要小心
  19. No joking here. 别开玩笑
  20. Rig up for logging. 准备电测
  21. What is the next step? 下一步怎么办?
  22. Get everything ready as soon as possible! 尽快做好一切准备

附录一: 平台人员岗位名称

  1. 一. 承包商人员 ( Contractor’s Personnel )

Rig Manager 平台经理

Equipment Supervisor 设备总监

Materials Supervisor 材料总监

Senior Toolpusher 高级队长

Junior Toolpusher 值班队长

Driller 司钻

Sub Sea Engineer (SSE) 水下工程师

Assistant Driller (AD) 副司钻

Derrick Man 井架工

Floor Man (roughneck) 钻工

Barge Master (captain) 船长

First Mate (Barge engineer) 大副

Control Room Operator (CRO) 压载工

Ballast Control Operator (BCO) 压载工

Chief Engineer 轮机长

Head of Routabout 甲板班长

Crane Operator 吊车工

Routabout 甲板工

Mechanic 机械师

Electrician 电气师

Repairman 修理工

Motorman 轮机员

Welder 焊工

Radio Operator 电报员

Warehouse Man (stock Keeper) 材料员

Medic 医生

Safety Supervisor 安全监督

Interpreter (translator) 翻译

Chief Steward 管事

Cook 厨师

Steward 厨工

Laundry Man 洗衣工

  1. 二. 作业者及服务公司人员 ( Operator’s Personnel and Service Company Personnel)

Drilling Superintendent 钻井监督

Company Man (Operator’s Representative) 公司代表

Geologist 地质师

Mud Logging Engineer (Mud logger) 泥浆录井工程师

Sample Catcher 捞砂工

Mud Engineer 泥浆工程师

ROV Engineer 潜水工程师

Cementer 固井工

Cement Engineer 固井工程师

Testing Engineer 试油工程师

Coring Engineer 取芯工程师

Wireline Logging Engineer电测工程师

附录二: 平台主要设备

  1. 一. 钻井设备 (Drilling Equipment):

Drawworks 钻井绞车

Rotary Table 转盘

Bushing 补心

Top Drive System (TDS) 顶驱

Swivel 水龙头

Crown Block 天车

Traveling Block 游车

Hook 大钩

Derrick 井架

Pipe Spinning Wrench 钻杆气动扳手

Ezy-Torq 液压猫头

Elmagco Brake 涡磁刹车

Pipe handling Equipment 钻杆移动设备

Iron roughneck 铁钻工

Pipe Racking System 钻杆排放系统

Drill String 钻柱

Drilling Sub 钻井短节

Fishing Tool 打捞工具

Power Tong 动力大钳

Air Winch (air tugger) 气动绞车

Crown-O-Matic (Crown Saver) 防碰天车

  1. 二. 泥浆系统 (Mud System)

Mud Pump 泥浆泵

Shale shaker 振动筛

Mud Cleaner 泥浆清洁器

Desilter 除泥器

Desander 除砂器

Degasser 除气器

Centrifuge 离心机

Mud Agitator 泥浆搅拌器

Mud Mixing System 泥浆混合系统

Centrifugal Pump 离心泵

Standpipe Manifold 立管管汇

Rotary Hose 水龙带

Bulk Air System and Tank 吹灰系统和灰罐

  1. 三. 井控设备 (Well Control Equipment):

Ram Type Preventor 闸板防喷器

Annular Type Preventor 万能防喷器

BOP Stack 防喷器组

Gate Valve 闸阀

Choke and Kill Manifold 阻流压井管汇

Remotely Operated Panel 远程控制面板

Choke Control Panel 阻流控制面板

BOP Handling Equipment 防喷器搬运设备

Diverter 转喷器

  1. 四. 海事系统 (Marine System)

Ballast System 压载系统

Bilge System 污水系统

Vent 通风口, 通气口

Air Supply Fan 供气扇

Mooring System 锚泊系统

Communication Equipment 通讯系统

Jacking System 升降系统

Skidding System 井架滑移系统

Windlass 锚机

Anchor 锚

Pendant 短索

Buoy 浮标

Lifting and Handling Equipment 起吊和搬运设备

  1. 五. 机房 (Engine Room)

Diesel Engine 柴油机

Emergency Generator 应急发电机

Water Maker (desalinization unit) 造淡机

Air Compressor 空气压缩机

Boiler 锅炉

Air-conditioning System 空调系统

Sea Water Service Pump 海水供给系统

Piping System 管汇系统

Generator 发电机

Transformer 变压器

DC Motor 直流马达

AC Motor 交流马达

  1. 六. 安全设备 (Safety Equipment)

Fire Control System 消防控制系统

Fire Detection System 火情探测系统

CO2 System 二氧化碳系统

Fixed Fire Extinguishing System 固定消防系统

Portable Extinguisher 移动灭火器

Fire-Fight Equipment 消防设备

Foam System 泡沫系统

Lifeboat 救生艇

(Inflatable) Life Raft (气涨式)救生筏

Davit 吊艇架

Escape Routes 逃生路线

Breathing Apparatus 呼吸器

Life Buoy 救生圈

Gas Detection System 气体探测系统

Helicopter Facility 直升机设施

Sick-Bay (Hospital) 医务室

Pollution Control 防污控制

  1. 七. 其他 ( Others)

Cementing Unit 固井装置

Well Testing Equipment 试油设备

Mud Logging Unit 泥浆录井房

Wire Logging Unit 电测装置

ROV 潜水器

Meter 米

Foot 英尺

Inch 英寸

Supply Boat (supply vessel) 供应船

Standby boat 值班船

Day (night) Shift 白(夜)班

Crew Change 倒班

Crew 船员, 队员, 井队

Position 岗位

Draft (draught) 吃水

Air Gap 空气间隙, 气隙

Penetration (桩腿插桩)入泥

Evacuation 撤离

Rig (Drilling rig) 钻机, 钻井船

附录三. 平台场所

Bow 船首

Stern 船尾

Forward (FWD) or fore 船首的

Aft 船尾的

Port 左舷

Starboard (STBD) 右舷

Upper Deck 上部甲板

Main Deck 主甲板

Quarters (living quarters, accommodation area) 生活区

Drill Floor (Rig floor) 钻台

Bridge (Pilot house, Steerwheel house) 驾驶室

Control Room 控制室

Helideck 直升机甲板

Cementing Unit Room 固井泵房

Air Compressor Room 空气压缩机房

BOP Control Room BOP控制房

Radio Room 报房

Engine Room 机房

Thruster Room 推进器房

Warehouse (Store) 材料库房

Paint Room (paint locker) 油漆房库

Leg 桩腿

Jacking House 升降室

Column 立柱

Sack Storage Area 散装材料储存区

Mud pit 泥浆池

Cellar Deck 圆井甲板

Riser Rack Area 隔水管排放区

Pipe Rack Area 钻杆排放区

Pipe Slide 滑道

Ramp 坡道

Spud Tank 桩脚箱

Pontoon 浮箱

Moonpool 月池/园井甲板

Pump Room 泵房

Shale Shaker House 振动筛房

Coffee Room 咖啡室

Rig Office 平台办公室

Mess (dining) Room 餐厅

Recreation Room 娱乐房

TV Room

Change Room 工衣房

Kitchen 厨房

附录四. 钻具,井口工具,打捞工具

Drill Pipe 钻杆

Drill Collar 钻铤

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe 加重钻杆

Elevator 吊卡

Tong 大钳

Make-up Tong 上扣大钳

Break-out Tong 卸扣大钳

Mud Box 泥浆防喷盒

Casing Stabbing Board 套管扶正器

Slips 卡瓦

Spider 卡盘

Mouse Hole 小鼠洞 (接单根用)

Kelly Spinner 方钻杆旋转器

Kelly Cock 方钻杆阀

Chain Tong 链钳

Casing 套管

Tubing 油管

Drill String 钻柱

Jar (drilling jar) 震击器

Right Hand Thread 正扣

Left Hand Thread 反扣

Stabilizer 扶正器

Rabit 通管器

Liner 尾管

Conductor 导管

Thread Protector 护丝

Stand (钻杆) 立柱

Single (钻杆) 单根

Joint (钻具) 根

Bend 弯头

Sub 短节

Pup Joint 短钻杆, 短节

Connector 接头

Bit 钻头

Bit Breaker 钻头盒

Box 母扣

Pin 公扣

Hole Opener 开眼钻头

Reamer 扩眼钻头

Overshot 打捞筒

Junk Basket 打捞篮

Junk Mill 平头磨鞋

Spear 打捞矛

Fishing Tap 打捞公锥

Cross Over Sub (XO Sub) 转换接头

Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) 下部钻具组合

附录五. 材料和工具

Steel 钢

Iron 铁

Wood 木

Chemicals 化学品

Cement 水泥

Barite 重晶石

Potable Water 淡水

Drilling Water 钻井水

Sea Water 海水

Fuel 柴油

Helifuel 飞机燃油

Lubricant (Lube/Lube oil) 润滑油

Grease 黄油

Thread Dope 丝扣油

Ballast Water 压载水

Bilge Water 舱底水

Gasoline 汽油

Mud 泥浆

Bentonite 般土

Additive 添加剂

Caustic Soda 烧碱

Weight Material 加重材料

Thinner 稀释剂

Oxygen 氧气

Nitrogen 痰气

Hydrogen Sulphide 二氧化硫

Acetylene 乙炔

Compressed Air 压缩空气

Hydraulic Fluid 液压油

Spanner 扳手

Hammer 铁锤

Screw Driver 螺丝刀

Multimeter 万用表

Welding Machine 焊机

Bar 撬杠

Shackle 卸扣

Sling (钢丝) 绳套

Container 集装箱

附录六. 常用缩写形式

BHA: bottom hole assembly 下部钻具组合

DP: drill pipe 钻杆

DC: drill collar 钻铤

HWDP: heavy weight drill pipe 加重钻杆

BOP: blowout preventer 防喷器

TD: total depth 总深

TVD: true vertical depth (定向井的)垂直深度

SCR: silicon controlled rectifier 可控硅

OD: outside diameter 外径

ID: inside diameter 内径

BBL: barrel 桶

LB: (拉丁语) Libra=pound (重量单位)

PSI: pound per square inch 磅/英寸2

GAL: gallon 加仑

POOH: pull out of hole 起钻

RIH: run in hole 下钻

WOW: wait on weather 等候天气

WOC: wait on cement 候凝

JU: Jackup 自升式 (钻井船)

SEMI: semi submersible 半潜式 (钻井船)

RPM: revolution per minute 转速/分钟

LPM: liter per minute 升/分钟

KN: knot 节 (海里/小时)

SWL: safe working load 安全工作负荷

API: American Petroleum Institute 美国石油协会

IADC: international association of drilling contractors 国际钻井承包商协会

MPI: magnetic particle inspection 磁粉探伤


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